Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ralphie May

I'm writing this post about a very large comedian in both weight and talent. Ralphie May is the comedian that came in second to Dat Phan on the first season of "Last Comic Standing." I like Dat Phan but there was no way he was better than Ralphie. You can tell now because Ralphe has had four comedy central specials. The only reason that I can think of that he lost is because Dat Phan has cleaner comedy in that the whole act is about his parents and their crazy Korean culture.

Ralphie specials include the following below:

Ralphie May: Just Correct (2004)

Ralphie May: Girth of a Nation (2006) Warning!!!! This one talks about being retarded a lot so if you get offended real easily you might want to stay away from this one.... Forget that if you get offended real easily you have no business even thinking about listening to Ralphie because he pushes the envelope in almost every part of his shows. He loves to see how far he can go and get people all riled up.

Ralphie May: Prime Cut (2007)

This is the DVD that every Ralphie fan must have. I had it on my DVR from when it came on comedy central about a year ago. Here recently our great (sarcasm) cable company Comcast updated their system and deleted all my comedy that was saved on there so now I have to buy the DVD. This routine of his is flawless from the beginning when he does his mullet bit. "I just set up a deer stand outside of Waffle House and watch' em come in. I will just sit up all day long and just call em .... Mullet Mullet... Nascar Nascar.." The funniest part of this DVD is the part where he talks about getting your man a gift. This really works around this part of the season with Christmas coming up and all. "Women why do you go out and shop for gifts when the two best gifts you can give us is absolutely freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!." Only one of the gifts is sexual so settle down...The second gift will shock you and make you laugh so hard that your need a mop...

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Ralphie May: Austin-Tatious (2008)

This special is still on comedy central and you can click on the link and see when you can see it.

November 30, 9:00pm

You might want to watch with your sunglasses on because of his bright orange jacket. Wow!! I guess he likes oranges or something. Who cares anyway all I watch him for is his humor so who cares what he looks like right. A lot of the comedy is from his first routine Just Correct so if you have seen it then you will recognize a bunch of the same stuff. However, it is got some new stuff with the bit about Cuban food and the Denver airport.. "Hey black man on a golf cart... black man on a golf cart!!!!."

Thing to tape on DVR
Henry Cho -- Got to love Jonly Bonly
A Colbert Christmas --- Sunday, November 23, 2008 10:00 pm
Brian Regan
Dane Cook -- Not one of my favorites but he has got some kinda of loyal fan base....
Jeff Dunham: Very special Christmas Special -- See last post
Katt Williams --- My friend Kyle loves Katt Williams but man he cusses with MF every other word so I never been able to make through a whole show. I don't mind cussing or profanity because hey I used them too but MF every other word and there are some other factors that just make me go what the heck how is that funny.. . But if Kyle thinks it funny I know someone else out there will too....
Larry the Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions:
Ron White: You can't fix Stupid: Man I wish he would come out with a new DVD or CD or something. This routine is from 2005 or 2006. My wife and I went and saw him in Vicksburg not too long ago and he used all new material. I know one thing that ever since that show I have never looked at the Andy Griffith whistle song the same again... HILARIOUS... the funny thing in this special is the Squirrel man...

A comedian to Google:
Tommy Johnagin
Pablo Francisco

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