Friday, November 21, 2008

My Top 20 List

If you ever search for a top list of comedians... You will find many list but most of them will have the comedians that started it all like Bill Cosby or Steve Martin and others. Well, I'm in my mid twenties so I'm not the biggest fan of the older comedians like Richard Pryor. However, I respect them because without them we wouldn't have come this far in comedy. That is why I formed this list so finally people around my age that loves comedy would have a list.

1. Rodney Carrington- Well this guy for me started it all because he was coming out big when I was a teenager. He just came out with a great DVD about a year ago called Rodney Carrington: Live at the Majestic.

Below is a song he does on there.... Warning!!!!!!!!!! Only for men to watch... If you are a woman and you watch the video then comment on my page that proves that women don't listen.

2. Dave Chapelle: I got to say he is one funny man.... The Dave Chapelle Show is awesome...

Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth

Killin Them Softly

The Chapelle Show

3. Ralphie May- See prior post about Ralphie

4. Brian Regan - See prior post and there will be more Later
5. Ron White - He is my favorite of the Blue Collar Comedians... Tater Salad!!!!!!!!!... We went and saw his show when he came to Vicksburg, MS and it was hilarious. He needs to come out with a new CD or DVD..

6. Jim Carrey - This guy as recently tried to become a real drama actor with his role in the movie 23, but his role in Dumb and Dumber will always be a classic. So many quotable things from that movie... Yes he also use to do stand up... See below...

Dumb and Dumber highlights.

7. Adam Sandler
- Classic and Hilarious movies.. Also was a big SNL star...

Best of Waterboy

Adam Sandler vs. Bob Barker

8. Mitch Hedburg _ This is a mad and heavly high genius in that their is no rythm to his comedy or storylines. He passed away in 2005 but his comedy is so unique that I listen to all the time..."An escalator can never be broken .... it can only become stairs....."

9. Jeff Dunham see prior post about Jeff Dunham...

10. Demetri Martin: My friends Wes and Jess introduced me to this new brand of comedy thought up by a DM.

11. Jerry Sienfield One of the best sitcoms starred this great comedian... Kramer of course was my favorite character but Jerry is the one that kept everyone connected and grounded.
12. Rodney Dangerfield: A man that started it all!!!!!!!

13. Ray Ramono: In the movie Knocked Up it was said that life is an unfunny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.. That is so true.... His stand up comedy is also really funny...

14. Robin Williams: Had to include another one of the classical comedians....

15. Larry The Cable Guy.. Git R Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. See prior post about his Christmas special...

16. Frank Caliendo best impersonist out there... John Madden... President Bush..Bill Clinton. Jack Nicholson... Charles Barkley....

17. Gabriel Iglesias Had to have someone that was South of the Border!!!!!

18. Kathleen Madigan: I'm not a sexist so a woman made my top 20...

19. Vince Vaughn: Hilarious in all of his movies... Instead of being a Will Ferrell Fan , I like Vince Vaughn and by being one I get to see Will Ferrell too like in Old School and Wedding Crashers.

"You shut your mouth when your talking to me!!!!!... Hilarious...

Don't forget about "Four Christmases" coming out November 26, 2008.

20. Stephen Colbert - Mainly because Every Monday and Thursday I get the most entertaining news.

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