Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Post

This blog is going to be a place where I can let people know about comedians that I listen to and admire. Also, I wanted to start this to let people also educate me of comedians that I might not know about. I've been interested in comedy a lot since about 2003. I am from the South so I do have bias that I like most comedians from the South. I listen to Blue Collar Comedy channel on Sirius channel 103 and this is really what got me learning and loving comedy. They play a whole more comedians than just the four main guys. If you don't have sirius you can listen to aol radio and listen to the Comedy Attack!! channel for free. On a lighter side, if I could give advice to comedians out there that wants to get noticed have a last name that starts with Q, U, or X that way you will be featured on Comedy centrals comedy search when someone searches that letter. Just for an example the only comedian listed on comedy central under X is Xohn Xmith. Come on that's not a real name the person doesn't have a picture when you press the link. I could be Xohn Smith for all anybody knows. I just thought that was funny but yeah it worked that name got me to notice him. I guarantee I'm the only blog featuring the comedian Xohn Xmith. Warning !!! in no way do I endorse Xohn Xmith comedy for I have not heard his routine or have ever heard of him before.

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