Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gerry Dee and Henry Cho

Over the holiday break I Tivoed (if thats a word) some comedy and I thought I would share it with you. The first one I taped was Gerry Dee: No reading ahead. This special is kinda of old but I knew the comedian from the show Last Comic Standing. At first I didn't think I was going to like it but it was really hilarious. The video below is some the material that was in the show. I cannot believe this guy was a teacher. His comedy about being a kid or teaching a kid really can relate to anybody.

Henry Cho: Whats that clicking noise... Is another special I watched on comedy central that is really good. Below is only part of the special that he does about women and their talking. Just thought it funny not funny funny... You have to got to hear about his friend Jonly Bonly from the planet Boldly Go...

Now I will give you some that I thought you need to stay away from. I watched a Stephen Lynch special about two years ago and really liked it. His whole show is funny songs that he sings and plays on the guitar. So this year he had a new special on Comedy Central and I watched it. Well I didn't make it all the way through it because for some reason his comedy started making me real uncomfortable. This was really wierd for me because I usually like edgy comedy that makes people uncomfortable. However, my grandfather just passed away this past year and once I heard his "Grandfather" song. I just turned it off. Below is a song he sings about Jesus' brother Craig which is not a favorite of mine either and then the next one is the grandfather song. I put these on here for you to be the judge and not to just take my word for it..

Below is a review off of about his earlier special that was good. This way you will hear one negative and one positive point about the comedian....

Comedian Stephen Lynch brings his guitar, choirboy-sweet voice, and sardonic (often bawdy) songs before an appreciative audience in the wacky Stephen Lynch: Live at the El Rey. Setting the tone with "Not Home," in which Lynch testifies to the glories of pleasuring himself with his lover's undergarments, the comic digs an ever-deeper hole (in a good way, of course) with an ode to ugly newborns in "Baby," cheerfully recalls sexual abuse at the hands of a priest in "Priest," and caps the delicate "Love Song" with the blunt admission, "I have herpes." A ditty called "Superhero" makes a great centerpiece, in which Lynch sounds like a pre-school teacher invoking the marvels of such make-believe characters as "Awesome Man" and "Immigration Dude." (Lynch also does his impression of a bong during the bit.) Fellow funnyman Mark Teich joins Lynch on several tunes, including "D&D," an anthem to the geek universe of Dungeons and Dragons. --Tom Keogh

I know that in a former post I supported Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas special but when I watched it I stopped watching after the first 20 minutes. It was just really riduculous and not for me. If you haven't watched the Stephen Colbert special I really suggest that you either buy it or Tivo it. It is hilarious... I'm going to find a Meg and nut it... Do it meg...

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