Saturday, May 2, 2015

Angry People

I just got through watching the comedy special "Ugly and Angry" by the last comic standing finalist Chris Porter (Season 4 - Josh Blue won so you don't have to look it up).  I decided that this was the time to blog about comedy again (2 word review - Watch It).  Chris Porter did an awesome job of describing exactly what his special was going to be about in 3 words.  He took the cliche of don't judge a book by its cover and said screw that. Im going to give them exactly what the cover is telling you.  He came out Angry about everything.  Mainly at stupid people or what he called "fu**tards".  He was kinda giving off the "here is your sign" vibe from Bill Engvall about people asking stupid questions.  He also gave a entertaining rant about starburks and how people just need to order their coffee and get out of the way.  He then went into rant about him being ugly and how ugly people need to be nice because what else you got going for you.  At least he is funny.  Ugly people need to learn what they are good at and go with that and not being mad or angry all the time.  However, Porter is contradicting himself in this exact moment.  Hope you get that if not well lets move on to another comedian that has been angry for a very long time and that is Bill Burr. 

Bill has had many specials that you can pretty much watch all of them on netflix.  Side note if you are any kind of comedy fan you should have Netflix.  They are a comedy gold mine from Louis CK, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari (side note: He sold out Madison Square Garden- WHAT), Ralphie May, Russell Brand, Kevin Hart (He sold out Madison Square Garden 3 times- LEGENDARY) and even a ton of other comics.  They even have winners of "Last Comic Standing."  Which by the way doesn't mean jack and the we all know that.  Back to Billy Red face and that this man is angry about a lot of things.  The most common thing is getting rid of this over population  of stupid people problem that the word has been diagnosed by two comedians in this same post.  Bill rants about "thinning the herd" in at least 4 specials i know and he even did it on Monday night when I went to see him in Jackson, MS on his Billy Bible Belt Tour!! 

Which I was kinda nervous about because I thought he just did this special to come to the south to tell us that religion is stupid.  I had a right to think that because that is basically what he did for 20 minutes in his latest (funny but too long of rant on religion)  Basically religion is like Bacon to Jim Gaffigan on the Bill's special "Im Sorry you feel that Way". 
However, I was listening to Bill Burr monday morning podcast and he said that he was in Alabama the week before and he mentioned he didn't believe in God and someone in the crowd said you better not say that in Mississippi and this freaked out Bill.  So that guy did us a favor because Bill didn't even touch the religion material in his arsenal when I saw him.  Which I think me being sensitive about a topic makes comedians want to rip on it even more which I understand but in this case i was paying money.  I am glad Bill Burr did this tour because this exposed him to a bunch of people that had never heard of him or bought his material.  I think that was his main goal and it was achieved. The main topics of his comedy in Jackson was feminism, Equal pay, Gorillas and sign language, airports, ad that we all better be glad that Kanye West is black and not white.  Which sounds racists but it is funny.  Side note:  Bill did a meet and greet for all fans that wanted to stay after his show which was awesome.  Not many comedians do this anymore.  That is one thing that I wish was more common that and the encore of telling classic bits (especially when you have over 5 specials to draw material from).  I am not going to mention the comedian that does this because this is a post about angry people and he doesn't really fit.  What a suggestion to get a feel for Bill is to watch him on Conan and you get  to really hear him go off or in this case be Ugly and Angry about the most common of things like: Oprah, Steve Jobs, Guns, Rednecks, football fans. 

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