Monday, March 7, 2016


To the Sheriff of the National Football League:

For twenty years I have been a fan of the man that changed the QB position to this new era of football,
The man that led the offense with the loud OMAHA call.
Drafted #1 overall you showed that you were worth that honor and some are just a tree ornament. 

Man how the years came and went.
Years of winning, 5 MVPs, records, rings, injuries, and comebacks,
You are the recordholder above them all at the position of quarterback.
Because of your excellence I was able to give my kid a strong name,

M-A-N-N-I-N-G will always know that his namesake came from a guy with fame.
Famous for the his duels with Tom Brady,
However no one cares about Lex Luthor we want to recognize the SuperMAN.

I was in the stands when you beat the passing yards record and later got called a loser. 
After the SUPER BOWL win you proved to that same crowd that you’re no doubt a winner.
You gave us someone to enjoy while we ate our Papa johns and drank our Budweiser. 
My Sundays will never be the same with you not on the field,

Thank you for your representation of the shield.

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