Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comedian update

Anthony Jeselnik the stand-up comedian and television writer. Jeselnik was named one of Comedy Central's breakout comedians of 2009. Jeselnik has stated many times in advice to practicing beginning comedians that he believes the most important step in the career is learning to continue acts even when no one is laughing, because there is no better practice against heckling. In 2010 released his debut album, Shakespeare

(Punchline Magazine named his album Shakespeare the best comedy album of 2010.)  DO NOT BUY until you listen to some examples of his comedy on youtube on sample it on itunes. 

I bought his CD just because of his rating on punchline  However, this was a huge mistake on my part.  

In no way did I think this album deserved to be the album of the year in 2010.  I guess punchline thought it was great just based on the fact that after every joke Jeselnik will tell you himself that the joke was awesome or the best joke.  Half of his standup is either complimenting his jokes or telling you a story about how someone didn't like one of his jokes. 

However I do think he does a good impression of Dane Cook.  He even looks a lot like Dane.  I can't stand Dane Cook by the way either. 

I believe the ones that should have replaced this one should have been the ones below

Though it seemed nearly impossible for Bill Burr to outdo his last release, Why Do I Do This? from last year, he’s done it. Let it Go finds the respected comedian in top form.

If you had residual doubt as to whether Bo Burnham was not as much a comedian as he just was a YouTube star, his newest effort should fix that. Burnham combines piano and guitar based songs, beat poetry, hip-hop and straight stand-up to deliver wall-to-wall laughs.


Ironically both of these were on Punchline magazines.  The 10 Must-have stand-up comedy DVDs from 2010.

The best one out of them that is not even listed on punchline because it was only a digital download album in 2010 was Brian Regan's All By Myself.   
It was released on December 7, 2010, so that had something to do with it to to not make the punchline magazine's website.  However, if you search punchline you won't fine Brian Regan review or other items anywhere on the site. 

All By Myself, was everything I hoped it would be.  I had seen him twice on tour in 2010 and it was awesome. For the second show in August in New Orleans he had dyed his hair blonde which made him gets tons of laughs at the beginning of the show before even speaking a word. 

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Album to check if you haven't is Josh Sneed's Unacceptable on itunes.  Its great stuff.  Check out some of my funny videos.  Click Here.   

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