Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comedy Rhyme

The perfect gift to the public could be through entertainment and laughter,

It is what many of us seek after.

It can be found in many different ways,

Stand-Up Comedy shows is my choice everyday and in everyway.

Shows come in such a variety,

Clean Shows from Brian Regan or the politically incorrect Ralphie May.

To take an situation and make it funny can be seen as talent,

This can make an audience wait for that moment.

Moment when they arrive on stage and take the microphone,

Use that tool to fuel the laughter, applause for jokes that were homegrown.

The club, theater, center, complex, or the stadium,

Forums that sell attendance for income.

Ticketmaster or stub hub are both a source,

Source for that ticket to see the comedy workhorse.

Internet also gives its appreciation,

Sites for each comedian by the dozen.

Fan projects to the mainstream of punchline magazine,

Presenting reviews and links on the comedian’s routine.

Fandom will give way for them to make to the flat screen,

Comedy Central, Home Box Office is the where the specials can be seen.

Specials that on DVD can be the best gift,

A gift that can entertain and uplift.

Not only through video but some choose to do comedy in a book,

Ron White’s : I Had the Right to Remain Silent.

Some use stand up as their gateway into Hollywood,

Jim Carrey, Ray Ramono, and even Dane Cook.

In everything their winners and losers,

Box office flops to the hits or bankers.

Dreaded “Good Luck Chuck” or the highlight “Hangover”

Stand-up talent gives material for the comedian, author, and actor,

All in the interest to entertain the audience with the perfect gift.

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