Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Philip DeFranco Show

You tube has shows that resemble TV,

One of the best is a show hosted by Philly D.

Gives you the news that he thinks is worthy,

You don’t have to agree.

Agree with his views or comments,

Just enjoy what the TPS presents.

Variety with Three Channels

Sxephil, PhilipDeFranco, and Like Totally Awesome

He gives us words, stuff, and things.

Along with laughter, drama, and lashings.

With over a million subscriptions,

He gives a short glimpse of his thoughts from his station.

Adore or Hate him doesn’t matter,

Think his stupid or even clever.

He fuels off both of it and enjoys the point of view,

Nothing beats a good Philly D argue.

Man is primetime now with his own gear,

Sayings from Phil that you can wear.

“Common Sense is Dead”

“Douchebag of the day”

“Bitches be crazy”

“You have just been Phill’D in,”

“Peace, love, and sammiches.”

Just give some money and its your property,

Property of the TPS’ army.

An army commanded by a man of talents,

Comedian, writer, director, producer, and entrepreneur,

Apple addict with the Mac, iPhone, and the iPad.

Steve Jobs must be your second Dad.

Monday through Thursday is his schedule,

Let hope he trashes the entertainment systems to stay with the ritual.

At least we know if Katy Perry makes an appearance,

A TPS topic is will be at a close distance.

So tune in later for this Phil appreciation is to be continued,

Til then you have been Phill’D in,

You’re Welcome.

None of the above is meant to fringe upon any copyright.

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