Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Break from the Blog

I have taken a long break from the blog here lately. I have really missed posting reviews of comedy. About a week ago I watched a special by John Heffron called: Middle Class Funny. The special was real funny mainly because I'm a big John Heffron fan.

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The one main thing I like about the special is he does some his best hits from his early CDs. I like when comedians do a bunch of new comedy and then give you a taste of what bits made them famous. Brian Regan does this same thing where he hill do his main performance of all new stuff. Then, as an encore he comes out and takes request from the crowd of his greatest hits to perform. John Heffron is also on twitter and does update quite frequently.

Recently, I also watched the special by Jim Bruer: Let's Clear the Air. I just remember him from Half Baked with Dave Chappelle. He refers to this movie that made him famous in the special which is kinda cool. I thought the performance was kinda of dull though for some reason. I really can't give a good reason it wasn't funny but only that I didn't like it.

I also watched the special Funny People Live: which was a special about the comedians in the movie Funny People. I only watched about ten minutes of the special because it just seemed really lame and ameturish for some reason.

Well I just wanted to get on here and update the blog since its been like forever since the last post. You can follow me on twitter see link:

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