Thursday, June 25, 2009


Runtime: 150 min
Release Date: 24 June 2009
I went and watched Transformers 2 last night and it not surprising to see a packed theater of anxious fans to see this huge budget film. The movie starts off with a little tale that goes back to 17,000 BC and that the transformers have been here from the beginning. The opening shot of the past lasted about 5 seconds and then it shoots to the present. It comes to the present where Optimus Prime is helping the humans fight the decepticons all over the globe. In this movie they are really showing how much they know Megan Fox is hot. This is the opening shot that she appeared in the movie with the camera dying to see up the shorts. The weird thing about this film is how funny it was. Throughout the whole film are jokes and funny scenes and really seem to lighten the mood of the film. The funniest person is this film is the mother of Sam Witwicky played by Julie White. One of her funny scenes is her crying about her son (Sam) going off to college and she has his boots from when he was a baby around her neck. Their house gets destroyed and throughout the whole scene she is just spitting out funny line after funny line. When they get to the college she eats some weed and really becomes obnoxious and even more hilarious. Yes, Sam Witwicky goes off to college and thats when this movie becomes really confusing. Right when Sam get to college he already has a girl trying to seduce him. Right off the bat you something is different about and your just waitning to turn into a transformer. She does and its one with a very long tail and very long tongue. Wow but was she hott!!!!! I have to say one main thing about this film is that an editor would have been a good investment. The movie had a lot of pointless scenes that drug the movie out over two hours. The length would not have been so evident to me if I was able to follow it. However, the movie went from a sliver of the cube from Transformers 1 let Sam becaome a genius and see a language of the prime which were a autobot ancestor from the beginning of time. Then we go for around the world with different showing up and new robots where just a big cluster of different people and storylines. Im alone of this fact because at the end of the film it got a standing ovation in a Ms theatre which is very rare!!!!!!. Below was my favorite parts of the film.

get the point what makes this film is the new concept cars, hot women, funny script, and awesome visual effect. These points make the strange storyline take a backseat and you just sit back and enjoy the spectacle that is in front of you.

The only way this movie is to do it by

Visual Effects: 5 stars
Acting : 3 stars
Entertaining: 4 stars
storyline 2.5 stars

Average is 3.625 stars.

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