Sunday, August 30, 2009

Funny Bone in VA Beach

I was Virginia Beach this prior week for work and went to the Funny Bone while I was there. I went with a coworker to see the featured comedian Lynne Koplitz. The coworker I went with was a lady that is in her 50s. When we got to the door the man asked did we want to sent toward the front or in the back. I said Id rather be in the front then in the back. Thinking we get in the middle but ole no we were right beside the stand within an arm distance. I could practically hold the hand of the comedian on stage. Within two minutes of Lynne being onstage I regretted the decision of choosing the front. She looked over at us and noticed the distance between the coworker and I and asked are ya'll married? I answered with No and then she asked are you dating and I was "No." Then, she asked well how do you know each other? I said we are coworkers and then she goes off to about three or four jokes about coworkers and all kinds of stuff. Then, starts asking me questions again like are either one of you married and I said I am and then she was like does your wife know that your out at a comedy club with a coworker? I said yes and then she asked tell me exactly where she thinks you are? I said she think I am in VA beach. Then she got the clue that I was out of town on business and asked where I was from. I said Mississippi. Terrible answer by the way. After about 10 hillbilly jokes she asked me for my name. Funny thing that Lynne couldn't even get me a free beer at the Funny Bone. She kept thinking I was mad for her picking on me and ordering the waitress to bring me a beer, however it never happened. Another funny thing is look at the picture below and how old would you guess Lynne is?

Lynne Koplitz

She is 42!!!!!! Pictures are worth a 1,000 words.

By the way Lynne was funny and definitely worth all the harassment. I will always remember this experience.

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