Monday, April 20, 2009

Ron White Special

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I don't support the following reviews below but I just thought I would include them to give people the total picture.

First review

Second review

Third review

Fourth review

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I thought the show was great seeing that we have waited since March of 2006 for another release from Tater. You Can't Fix Stupid This release was a long time waiting. To me I was just relieved because we went to see him when he came to Vicksburg and the whole time I was thinking all this is new stuff why don't he put it in a new special. Well he did and all the stuff I loved from his standup was in there. All of the reviews from above talk about his profanity and amount of jokes to do with sex. Well my answer to that is when you listen to comedy know the source. If you know Ron White's comedy you know its going to pushing the envelope and be on the edgy side. To me he is just so interesting the way he tells stories and the way he delivers the punchline. The reviews tell you its not worth the money but if you look at Amazon the DVD is $10 and it includes 35 more minutes that isn't shown on TV. Plus you get it uncensored and with Ron White comedy that is a necessity. Most of his jokes was bleeped out on the special. The DVD will not have this problem. Plus its ten bucks plus shipping. Just buy a couple more DVDs and you wont even have to pay shipping.

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