Sunday, April 5, 2009

Real Blogging

I never really do this on here but I thought some real funny things happened today that I thought I needed to put on here. First, I was at dinner with my wife and her family and we were talking about all the showers that my wife and her mother were going to recently. Then, my mother in law said that sometimes she wishes to be a man so she wouldn't have to go to all these showers. I said to my brother in law that I don't think I have ever wished to be a woman. He agreed with that statement. Funny thing is right after that we walked outside and it was raining and my wife was like go get the car. At that moment I said to myself man I ate my words very quickly. I guess I have said it to myself now that I think about it. Another thing I think is funny is that my mother in law is hosting a Bonko game at her house. I never have understood Bonko. A bunch of church women get together to roll dice. I don't really know the rules but I know its a good thing to roll three sixes. Which I think is hilarious seeing that three sixes is the devils number. My wife joins these people and rags me about my poker habit. In poker three sixes are good hand but in no way is that the best hand. Or is it a hand you shoot for. Well thats just some things I thought was funny. Whatever, I be back later this week and post about some comedians.


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