Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Woods

Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods
Tiger Woods

These recent stories involving Tiger Woods many people have been asking me what I think of him now. I have been a fan of Tiger Woods the golf player since 1997. I watched the 1997 Masters as a mesmerized 7th grader that had never seen a player so dominate. I was an instant fan and followed golf only because I wanted to see how this man would change the game of golf. In my mind, golf would not be where it is today without Tiger Woods. I know for me and my friends that any time we go play golf Tiger Woods is brought up in some way. Most of the time its when someone shoots an impossible shot. That what he is known as the man that always made the impossible shot. The one big thing about Tiger Woods that I have always like is that you could never count him out of a tournament.

Major Wins: 14
PGA Player of the Year: 10 times
FedEx Cup Championships: 2
PGA Tour wins: 71
European Tour: 38

I am a fan of Tiger Woods the player of golf. I am not a fan of him as a person. He is a Buddhist first of all which I don't like but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop being a fan because of his religion. I don't believe that just because your a fan of someone your automatically condoning everything that they do. I am still a fan even after what has come out about him with all these different women. He is the greatest golf player of all time in my mind. What he does in his personal life doesn't erase history and his past accomplishments. It just lets people that have always liked Phil Mickelson or some other player have ammunition against him now. Now he is not seen as this perfect athlete. My mind he is still the greatest golf player of all time because of what he does on the course not off of it.

People have asked me a bunch of if questions that would I stop being a fan "if he killed somebody or some other horrible crime." I would answer that with Tiger Woods would no longer be able to play golf if he was convicted of murder. So then he is not able to play golf then I am no longer going to root for him. If he playing the game of golf at the level he does then yes I am going to be a fan of him. This is because the man is the best player in the world. If you are a fan of golf than how can you not marvel at what the man has accomplished. This is about being a sports fan. He is the best athlete at his sport. I never knew you had to be a fan of the whole person not just what he or she is able to do and accomplish at their sport.

We have all been caught being fans of someone doing something immoral.
Go to the following site and see if you are or were fans of the athletes listed.

John 8:7
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone

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